E-mobility and car-free vacation

Arrive – breathe deeply – feel good

The alpine ecosystem and the biodiversity of our meadows and forests are our natural heritage and capital – to protect an preserve this is our goal.

Our guests also benefit from our environmentally friendly measures. Guests with e-cars can use our in-house charging station, which is powered entirely by electricity from renewable sources. Also your e-bike or e-mountain bike can be charged for the next trip. If you want to go on a spontaneous tour, you can simply rent an e-bike. This way you can move around CO2-neutral even on vacation!

The Schladming Dachstein Sommercard makes it possible. Let your car take a break during your vacation and ride the public hiking bus for free. The nearest bus stop is right in front of the hotel.


The topic of environment and sustainability is close to our hearts and we see this as an opportunity for positive change. We combine hospitality with future-oriented and ecological business management. For this reason, we take into account the technical developments in the field of the reasonable use of resources.

In the wet areas, we strive for efficient, environmentally friendly use of water and energy through the use of innovative environmental technologies.

Our heating and water supply comes from the bio-heating plant.

Sustainability at the hotel

We treat food, materials and resources with great care

♦In addition to cleanliness, we also attach great importance to proper waste disposal. Therefore, we have a waste concept for paper, plastic, glass, metal, organic and resiudal waste.

♦For lighting our rooms, we either rely on daylight or utilize LED technology.

♦Plastic avoidance: Our mountain spring water comes directly from our own water well in refillable glass bottles / reusable bottles

♦Regional value creation by purchasing local products.

    • Meat and bacon from local farmers
    • Fish from the Salzkammergut lakes
    • Ennstal cheese from the Moserhof in Haus im Ennstal
    • Honey directly from the beekeeper in Obertal in Rohrmoos
    • Herbs from the raised bed at the hotel
    • BIO yoghurt from the Moserhof in Stainach/Enns
    • we only use palm oil free cooking oil
    • Mushrooms and berries from the local forests
    • Bread from the local BIO bakery
    • Austrian wines